Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sunday, December 25, 2005--Merry Christmas!

Today I found 53 cents. . . 4 dimes & 13 pennies. I also found a Canadian penny. Sadly, the Canadian penny does not count toward the daily totals.

I didn't think I would have the opporunity to get out today, but it was raining most of the day and my grandmother did not want to drive. I went and picked her up and then took her home after Christmas dinner. On the way home I decided to do a bit of change searching.

Taking a page from Brian's book I hit my former universities parking garage (Towson State University-now just Towson University) and found 25 cents (two dimes & five pennies). I also found the Canadian penny, which will be deposited into my "Not Change Cup" upon my return to Texas.

At a nearby Starbucks I looked at the closed drive-thru and found 15 cents (one dime & five pennies). I also pulled into a local gas station to pick up a drink and I found 11 cents (one dime & one penny). The dime was by the cash register window and the penny was by a vacuum cleaner. My final stop on the way home was a Taco Bell drive-thru (also closed) where I found two cents.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Totals for the day: 53 cents
Race Totals: $224.02


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