Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Today I found 58 cents . . .. 2 dimes, 1 quarter, and 13 pennies.

First and foremost, my blog has been updated. Hopefully someone will take the time to read the updates from my trip to Europe (November 22 to December 4th) since it took awhile to post it all. There are also a few good pictures from the trip.

I didn’t have to work today so I had the entire day free to recover from jetlag. In the afternoon I met my friend John for lunch. On the way there I stopped at the Kwick Kar Wash and found eight cents (all pennies). At the Chinese restaurant where we ate I found a penny in the parking lot.

In the evening I went to the post office and after that I stopped at the car wash next to the post office. There I found 13 cents (one dime & three pennies). The final find of the evening was 11 cents (one dime & one penny), which I found in the laundry room at my apartment complex. In a late find I found 25 cents (one quarter) in the laundry room when I went to put my laundry in the dryer. It was sitting on a table.

Since I was out of town at the end of the month I now offer a review of the month of November, as well as a summary of my European finds:

November Monthly Report:

This month I found 207 pennies, 11 nickels, 24 dimes, and 16 quarters. I also found three $1 bills. American change was found in two states, Texas and New Jersey and in one foreign country (Ireland).

Monthly Total: $12.02
Change Cycle Days: 3
Dollar Days: 3
Monthly High: $4.20 (November 3rd)
Monthly Low: 1 cent (November 22st & 26th)
Daily Average: 40 ish cents

Europe Report:

Total Foreign Coins Found: 53
Total US Coins Found: 2
Countries Where Finds Were Made: 6 (Ireland, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, & Great Britain)
Approximate Value of Foreign Finds (in US Dollars): $4.95
Most Finds (by coin): 16 (November 26th)
Fewest Finds (by coin): 2 (Multiple times)
Largest Coin Found (by value in USD): 1 Euro (approximately $1.31)
Smallest Coin Found (by value in USD): 10 H Hungarian (approximately 1/2000th of a dollar)

Totals for the day: 58 cents
Race Totals: $461.63


At 8:49 AM, Blogger Nancy said...

YAY congratulations! Your streak is still alive!!!

The pictures from your trip are gorgeous, post some more when you have time!

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Chris said...


Thanks. I'll do my best to get up a few more pictures in the next week or so.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Awesome job, Chris. Excellent posts and pictures. And another solid month.

At 10:50 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Forgot password, sorry.
Last post: iqbalxe (or something reasonably close)

This post: hpqzki

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Thanks, Brian. And thanks again for the all important follow up with the passwords!


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