Saturday, January 13, 2007

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Today I found $1.57 . . . 2 nickels, 3 dime, 4 quarters, and 17 pennies (The Incomparable Change Cycle).

From a weather standpoint the day started off great and then got a lot worse. Lucky for me people still had time to wash their cars before the rain decided to fall. I put off change searching until later in the evening and decided that I would go check JR’s Car Wash, the car wash next to my apartment. There I found $1 (two nickels, three dimes, two quarters, and 10 pennies). 75 cents of the dollar was sitting on the ledge of a vacuum cleaner. The rest was scattered about on the ground.

While I was out I picked up some dinner at KFC and found two cents on the ground by the drive-thru. On the way home I checked a no-name car wash and found an additional 55 cents (two quarters & five pennies). As was the case with the first car wash the majority of the change (in this case 50 cents) was sitting by a vacuum cleaner.

Totals for the day: $1.57
Race Totals: $481.51


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