Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Today I found 30 cents . . . 2 dimes & 10 pennies. Change was found in two states; Maryland and Texas.

Early this morning I caught a flight from Baltimore, MD to Houston, TX. At the airport in Baltimore I found a penny by a very busy coffee stand. Back in Houston I stopped at a Sonic for lunch and found 29 cents (two dimes & nine pennies) scattered about in the parking lot and patio areas.

This evening I had the chance to chat with one of my favorite baseball players of all time, Jeff Kent. Jeff has a bad rap from a lot of people, but I have always gotten along well with him. He walked out of the stadium this evening and someone went up to him and asked him for an autograph, to which he said no. I walked over to say hi and asked him to sign my team ball. He smiled, took the ball and signed it, and then turned to everyone and said, “This is your lucky day. I don’t want to look bad in front of this guy so I’m going to sign for all of you. You guys had better buy him a beer for this.” Jeff Kent. I love the guy!

Totals for the day: 30 cents
Race Totals: $584.46


At 10:35 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Did you get any beers?
What's your favorite brew, if any?

password: atllri (I think, we'll see)

At 5:50 AM, Blogger Bailey said...


At 1:49 AM, Blogger Chris said...


To date I have collected on two of the beers. One was a Fat Tire and the other one was a Shiner Bock. Both are two of my favorites.


Yes, good ol Sunshine (or if you are Old Man in the Orange Hat, Cowboy is acceptable)


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