Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Today I found 35 cents . . . 3 nickels, 1 dime & 10 pennies. I also found a coin from Venezuela which sadly will not count toward the daily totals.

This evening at the post office I recorded my first find, a nickel that I found in the coin return slot of a stamp machine. Later, after having dinner with Becca, I stopped at JR’s Car Wash, the car wash next to my apartment complex, and found the remaining 30 cents (two nickels, one dime, and 10 pennies).

The coin from Venezuela, which is about the size of a quarter, was found atop a ledge in a car wash station at JR’s Car Wash. Although the coin will not count toward the daily totals it has already been deposited in my “Not Change Cup,” keeper of such found items.

Totals for the day: 35 cents
Race Totals: $604.68


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