Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Today I found 36 cents. . . 3 dimes and 6 pennies.

I had to work in Angelton, TX today, and on my way back from lunch I stopped at a gas station (I think it was a Shell) to get a drink. At a Taco Bell, which was attached to the gas station, I found one penny in the drive-thru lane. I also found a dime on the sidewalk leading to the gas station convenience store.

I put in a full day in Angelton, and on the way home I received a phone call from Tara asking me if I wanted to join her for dinner. We dropped off my car at Wal-Mart for an oil change and then went to find a place to eat. Outside Buffalo Wild Wings I found 22 cents (two dimes & two pennies) in the parking lot. I also found that the location was not actually open yet, so we went to Paul’s Pizza Kitchen. Walking into Paul’s I found two cents in their parking lot.

Finally, when I picked up my car I spotted a single penny near the Wal-Mart oil changing station. I also thought I spotted a yellow marble, which I was going to add to my “Not Change Cup.” Sadly, the “yellow marble” was only a spit out lemon candy, the sticky nature of which indicated that it was indeed not a marble. It was an unpleasant experience, and I hope that it does not sour me on yellow marbles in the future.

Totals for the day: 36 cents
Race Totals: $189.64


At 10:10 PM, Blogger Brian said...

Liza calls those kinds of finds loogie, not lookie (short for lucrative). I've had far too many of the loogie finds.

(Optsud was the password.)

At 11:25 PM, Blogger Chris said...

I would agree with Liza, it was indeed a loogie find. Great job on the password update. Optsud beats Baiely's word, for sure.


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