Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006

Today I found $1.58 . . . 1 nickel, 1 dime, 5 quarters, & 18 pennies (the Friday Change Cycle).

On my way into work this morning I stopped at the Kwick Kar Wash and found 85 cents (one nickel, three quarters, & five pennies). The quarters were in a car wash area and the rest of the change was scattered about. On my way home from work I stopped at the car wash next to my apartment complex and found an additional 16 cents (one dime & six pennies).

In the evening I went to Sonic for dinner and while waiting for my food I found 27 cents (one quarter & two pennies) near the patio. The quarter was actually on the sidewalk, while the two pennies were under a table. Finally, I found 27 cents (one quarter & two pennies) at the car wash next to the post office and I found three cents near a stamp machine at the post office (the automated machine was broken, so I was not able to mail my package).

Totals for the day: $1.58
Race Totals: $244.48


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