Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday, February 5, 2006

Today I found 58 cents . . . 2 dimes & 38 pennies.

Prior to going to my friend John’s house for a Super Bowl party I had some chores to complete. I also hit a few of my favorite change spots and recorded some finds. A trifecta of car washes gave me the majority of my change for the day. At the Kwick Kar Wash I found 23 cents (all pennies), the car wash next to my apartment had 13 cents (one dime & three pennies), and a no name car wash gave me six cents (all pennies). At Champions Forrest and FM 1960 I was stopped at a red light and saw a penny. Getting out of my car to retrieve it I discovered that there was a total of 15 cents (one dime & five pennies) by the curb.

For the sake of fun I decided to arrange my pennies by year to see if there was any type of trend. I discovered that of the 38 pennies one was from the 1960’s, one was from the 1970’s, nine were from the 1980’s, 11 were from the 1990’s, and 16 were from the 2000’s. The oldest penny was minted in 1961 and the newest penny was from 2005. Perhaps a research grant is in my future. Anyone know of a government agency that wants to pay me for finding change? Probably not.

Totals for the day: 58 cents
Race Totals: $254.80


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