Monday, March 28, 2005

Monday, March 28, 2005

Today I found 49 cents. . .1 nickel, 1 dime, 1 quarter and 9 pennies.

I didn’t have to work today and ended up staying in most of the day. However, I met my retired co-worker John for lunch and then had some tasks to complete before going home. I stopped at a local car wash and found 3 cents (all pennies) and then went to the same Taco Bell/Long John Silver that I went to yesterday and found 30 cents (one quarter & one nickel). Right across from that was a Sonic where I found 3 cents (all pennies). A lady saw me pick up a penny and stated that she had seen it on the ground and had been thinking about picking it up. Lesson learned by her, act quickly when you see change or you never know who will get it.

I had to exchange some screws at Sears Hardware and since I didn’t have a receipt they insisted on all sorts of personal information. Neither the clerk or the manager was very nice so I will add Sears Hardware to my list of places that I will no longer frequent. Currently the list, made because of bad service or experiences, are Radio Shack, Denny’s, and Exxon. I did find one penny on the ground by the check out line at Sears Hardware, so it wasn’t a totally wasted trip.

On my way home I stopped at Shell gas station for a drink and found 10 cents (one dime) on the ground by the check out line. Back at the apartments I found one penny on the ground in the parking lot, the same spot where I had found change the day before.

Totals for the day: 49 cents
Race Totals: $32.43


At 9:49 PM, Blogger Bailey said...

I know the story behind Radio Shack. What is the story behind Denny's and Exxon?
Speaking of Denny's, I once found a dead rat under my booth while I was eating there.

I think that you are being a bit harsh on Sears. It should take more than an A-Hole manager to get on your list. You need to keep your list exclusive!

At 10:54 PM, Blogger Chris said...

Radio Shack was EXTREMELY poor service, Denny's is because of the racism, and Exxon was because of the way they handled the tanker crash many years ago. Sears wanted LOTS of personal information and could not tell me why. They are by far the best of the worst on my list.


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