Monday, September 12, 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005

Today I found 36 cents. . . 2 dimes & 16 pennies. I also found a fake penny and a Children’s Miracle Network bracelet, neither of which will count toward the day’s totals.

On my way back from an appointment this afternoon I stopped at a Sonic for lunch. After eating I chatted with my boss on my cell phone while I looked for change. At the Sonic I found seven cents (all pennies) and at a Chick-fil-A next door I found two cents in the drive-thru. As I walked up to the drive-thru at Chick-fil-A I saw a person in the window and I saw the two cents. I knew I had to be smooth in picking up the two pennies since I was still on the phone with my boss, so with all my skill I waved at the fast food attendant and picked up the change. They didn’t seem to mind and my boss was none the wiser.

In the afternoon as I headed to the ballpark I stopped at a local car wash and found 27 cents (two dimes & seven pennies). This car wash usually doesn’t deliver that much, so I was pleased with my finds. It was here that I also found a fake penny, which resembled a real penny but was made of plastic and was stamped with the word “COPY.” I also found a red and yellow bracelet which is from the Children’s Miracle Network, a group who I have never heard of but who is obviously capitalizing on the Lance Armstrong “Live Strong” bracelets. Both the bracelet and the fake penny have been deposited into my “Not Change Cup.”

Speaking of bracelets I once dated a girl who had a red Ohio State bracelet that I always made fun of. I though it was kind of tacky that The Ohio State University would try to raise money for their booster club by capitalizing on a charitable cause (i.e. the Lance Armstrong bracelets). Sufficed to say, I am not a fan of Ohio State and this might have been part of the reason for the relationship ending. Then again, the fact that she was quite unpleasant might have also had something to do with it!

Totals for the day: 36 cents
Race Totals: $162.73


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