Monday, September 19, 2005

Monday, September 19, 2005

Today I found $1.73. . . 1 nickel, 5 dimes, 4 quarters, & 18 pennies (the magical change cycle).

After an appointment in Clear Lake, TX this morning I checked a local car wash and found nine cents (all pennies). Most of the pennies were pushed up against the back of a fence, that separated the car wash from an apartment complex. To get to my next appointment I had to take the toll road, and at an automated toll booth (with no cars in site) I quickly got out of my car and found 39 cents (one quarter, one dime, & four pennies) that had been thrown in the direction of the coin acceptor but had missed.

In the afternoon as I returned home I was stopped at a red light and I spotted a dime in the road. This particular intersection continues to provided change, but it does make me wonder if I miss it or if it is continuously replenished. From the looks of the dime it had been there for a while.

At Randalls, a local grocery store, I found a quarter. It was situated on the ground between two soda machines. I also deposited some checks at my bank, which has a branch in the grocery store.

On the way to pick up some food for the evening I stopped at Ale Gator’s Car Wash and hit the jackpot by finding 89 cents (two quarters, three dimes, one nickel, and four pennies). It was the rare change cycle in the same place. All the change, save one penny, was on the ground in a car wash station. My final find of the day was a single penny at Barnes & Noble, where I went to go try to find a book to keep me entertained for the rest of the week. With no TV to watch and the Astros out of town I will need entertainment.

Totals for the day: $1.73
Race Totals: $167.27


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