Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today I found 48 cents. . . 1 dime, 1 quarter, and 13 pennies.

Like the Astros had better to tomorrow night I made a solid recovery from the disastrous day that I had yesterday. There was little time for change searching, but I managed to hit a trifecta of car washes. At the car wash next to my apartment complex I found two cents, and at the car wash next to the post office I found three cents. Also, at Ale Gator’s car wash I found 42 cents (one dime, one quarter, and seven pennies). My final find of the day was a single penny in a washing machine at the apartment laundry room.

This evening I am leaving for St. Louis, a 14 hour drive. I figure that I will arrive by 10:00 am on Wednesday morning, leaving me a few hours for a nap and then Game 6 of the NLCS. I would like to point out that I am absolutely miserable about the prospect of a 14 hour drive only to watch a baseball game. However, considering where the Astros are I feel that this is something that I almost have to do. Several friends have stated that if I don’t want to go I should just stay home and watch the game on TV and that no one is forcing me to drive all the way to St. Louis. These are friends that don’t understand baseball.

Assuming the Astros win Game 6 I will drive back Wednesday night and be back in Houston on Thursday afternoon. If it goes to Game 7 I will drive back Thursday night and be back in Houston on Friday. Please plan your blog reading accordingly, as I may not have access to a computer in St. Louis (although there is a possibility that I will).

Totals for the day: 48 cents
Race Totals: $183.75


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